Day 1 - November 11, 2020

Every conference day consists of three presentation blocks, followed by a keynote talk in the evening. Times are Central European Time (CET).

1.00 pmWelcome
Paul Hünermund, Jermain Kaminski, Carla Schmitt, Beyers Louw
Copenhagen Business School, Maastricht University
1.10 pmDoWhy: An end-to-end library for causal inference
Amit Sharma, Emre Kiciman
Microsoft Research
1.30 pmCausal mediation analysis with double machine learning (Slides)
Helmut Farbmacher, Martin Huber, Lukáš Lafférs, Henrika Langen, Martin Spindler
University of Fribourg, Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences
1.50 pmDouble machine learning and bad controls: A cautionary tale (Slides)
Itamar Caspi, Paul Hünermund
Bank of Israel, Research Department
2.10 pmHow to (try to) expand observational causal inference in industry
Patrick Doupe, Christopher Gandrud
2.30 pm– Break –
3.00 pmCausal inference in an industrial context: Lessons learned from Total (Slides)
Antoine Bertoncello
Research and Development, Total
3.20 pmA polynomial-time algorithm for learning nonparametric causal graphs
Ming Gao, Yi Ding, Bryon Aragam
University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
3.40 pmHeterogeneous treatment and spillover effects under clustered network interference (Slides)
Falco J. Bargagli-Stoffi, Costanza Tortu, Laura Forastiere
Harvard University, T.H. Chan School of Public Health
4.00 pmA calculus for soft interventions
Juan D. Correa
Columbia University, Department of Computer Science
4.20 pm– Break –
4.40 pmChallenges and an empirical evaluation framework for text-based confounding adjustment
Galen Weld, Peter West, Maria Glenski, David Arbour, Ryan A. Rossi, Tim Althoff
University of Washington, Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering
5.00 pmConformal inference of counterfactuals and individual treatment effects
Lihua Lei, Emmanuel J. Candès
Stanford University, Department of Statistics
5.20 pmAsking one question and answering another: When decisions and statistical analysis are not aligned
Ignacio Martinez, Jesse Chandler, Daniel Thal
Google, The Chief Economist’s Team
5.40 pmLearning the effect of dexamethasone, remdesivir, and hydroxychloroquine on COVID-19 mortality outside of randomized trials using the stability-controlled quasi-Experiment
Chad Hazlett, David Ami Wulf, Brian Hill, Brian Montague, Kristine Erlandson, Jeffrey Chiang, Onyebuchi Arah, Bogdan Pasaniuc
University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Statistics
6.00 pm– Break –
6.30 pmKeynote
Sean Taylor
Lyft, Rideshare Labs
8.00 pm– End –

Affiliations correspond to the respective presenting author.